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The new Swiss casino licenses

Swiss casinos

In Switzerland, we have the specialty of Emmental cheese, but we also have breathtaking landscapes like the Canton of Graubünden where you can speak three languages! Even though the country is located at the confluence of Germany, France and Italy, the land-based casinos that can be admired on its 41,200 km2 territory are few and far between!

On the other hand, the casino companies are very much supervised by the Federal Commission of Gaming Houses (CFMJ). That's why there are mainly 21 casinos where tourists never fail to make a stopover, as the protection of the player is a priority, like on! Here's a quick overview of casino gaming news from across the natural border of the Alps.

Regulated casinos welcome in Switzerland!

In Lucerne, Bern, Baden, Davos and also in Pfäffikon, it's good to play progressive jackpot slot machines on site, but also on their online sites. Indeed, since the law of July 2019, the authorized virtual casinos are those that have a physical equivalent! At the Montreux casino, for example, online activity began only on December 22, 2021 on the Barrière casino "": so we understand that progress is made in dribs and drabs, such as the addition of two new recent licenses in May 2022!

Best casinos

In the eyes of Swiss institutions, the distribution by region takes precedence over profusion and anarchy. For example, the Swiss Federal Gaming Commission (ESBK) has decided to establish two new casinos in the canton of Vaud, where Lausanne is the capital, and in the canton of Zurich, where Winterthur is located. In addition to generating a turnover of 30 million Swiss francs per year, the new licenses will be class A, which will allow up to 14 table games to be played, and this, in an unlimited manner. We are therefore looking forward to their two online gaming platforms that will be added to the 21 already existing ones!