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Treatment of corns with folk remedies

Cormation is a problem with which only a few contact the doctor. Only the rod corn is removed by a dermatologist or subdivorus, since the root should be removed to remove it. In other cases, those who have corns prefer to cope with them on their own. When corns on the heels occurs, it is quite possible to carry out treatment without the participation of medical specialists.

Each treatment of corns is aimed at their type. With dry corns on the legs, treatment is aimed at softening them. Treatment of water calluses is carried out with the prevention of inflammation. Treatment of bursting corns should contain antiseptics in order to prevent infection. The old rod corns are removed only in surgeons.
Recipe. Great foot bath from corns.

The soap-horsepower bath for the legs is made in the treatment of dry corns on the legs, in the treatment of corns on the heels, with rod corns. Treatment is aimed at softening keratin formations.

It is prepared from one teaspoon of drinking soda, diluted in two liters of hot (how much you can endure) water. Pour a tablespoon of soap chips there. The legs should be dipped in hot water-at first for a second or two, then, when you get used to it, hold for about 15 minutes. After that, the corn is easy to remove with a pumice, finally lubricating them with cream.

Attention - the treatment of corns at home has its own rules. No hot foot baths should be taken during pregnancy, bleeding, menstruation !!! In this case, the water should be just warm, and to withstand the legs in the bath need a little longer - half an hour or an hour. Treatment of water calluses is also not carried out by hot baths.

Treatment of corns with herbs

Treatment of corns with folk remedies helps to prevent the formation of rod corns, prevent their inflammation, and infection. In particular, these are foot softening baths, and local effects on corns. Herbs can be treated with corns on the foot, treating dry corns on the legs, treatment of corns on the finger.

Treatment of corns with various herbs.

In this recipe, the method of treating corns at home will be considered using various herbs. The principle of treating corns on the legs and arms in this recipe is compresses from plants that will help soften corns and promote the treatment of bursting corns.

How can corns can be treated? The home doctor - aloe, the fleshy part of which is applied to the corns and tied well. The procedure is best done at night. In the morning, the corn is cleaned. A calendula, known as a medicinal plant from many ailments, has a good effect in the treatment of dry corns. A tablespoon of medicinal nails is diluted in boiling water, and applied to the corn hot, fixed on the corn with a patch. After ten to fifteen times, the treatment of dry corns ends.