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How to choose air conditioning in an apartment?

The comfortable home is difficult to imagine without a system that provides the necessary temperature during the entire year and especially in the summer warmest months.

With the onset of hot climate outside the window, the question becomes relevant - how to choose air conditioning in an apartment and what is worth paying attention to when choosing? It is worth disclosing this question as accurately and try to find a solution suitable for most buyers.


The optimal solution for the apartment can be a wall-mounted version of the air conditioner with a split system. This modification consists of two blocks, one of which is fixed from the outside on the facade of the building, and the other is attached inside, on the wall of the residential room.

Split systems are popular due to its functionality, performance and efficiency.

An isolated external unit in which the working unit is located, will not deliver inconvenience, such as a high noise level or condensate leakage. The internal unit works quiet enough and does not spoil the interior of the apartment.

In addition, the use of wall air conditioners allows you to create the most correct air circulation mode, which will affect the stable temperature and humidity indoors.

Power selection

Typically, the power of wall split systems does not exceed 10 kV, which, in principle, is sufficient for installation in a residential room. This power is enough to maintain the temperature in the room with an area of ​​40 to 100 square meters.

There are also less powerful devices adapted to install in apartments of the usual layout. Power selection is the main criterion.

A low-power air conditioner will not cope with air cooling in large rooms, and due to excessive loading can fail, too powerful the device will ideally cope with the cooling of the room, but it will have to overpay.

Thus, it can be understood that not only the functionality and reliability of the device depends on the power, but its price.


A distinctive feature of wall split systems is their functionality and multitasking. Such devices are suitable for cooling and heating. Programming modes occurs with the remote control.

Another feature is an affordable price, thanks to which this type of air conditioners is suitable for domestic use and installation in an apartment or a country house. заказать проститутку из Тюмени